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Every tick of the clock is another moment of history, and history is everything to us. In 1937, Thomas Owen became a watchmaker’s apprentice in England, and so begins the history of Owen & Son.

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Behind every clear chime, perfect tick, and timely tock at Owen & Son is a wealth of history, knowledge, and experience. Thomas Owen began his work as a watchmaker in 1937 in England as an apprentice. He eventually ran a large watch and clock repair department at Emory’s in Bexhill before moving to Canada and opening his own watch repair shop. When he moved his family (wife, young son and daughter) to California, Mr. Owen began managing a jewelry store in downtown Long Beach.

At the age of 13, Gary Owen began assisting his father in this shop. When he entered college, Gary quickly realized he was already doing what he loved, so he began looking into opening a family business. In 1971, Gary and his father rented a small shop in downtown Long Beach for $75 per month and Owen & Son opened it’s doors. In the 1980’s the family operated business was honored with the chance to care for the Clock Tower at USC, which they’ve continued to do ever since. The shop moved to Cypress in 1990, and resides there to this day.

In 2013, Thomas Owen’s time on this earth ended, but his legacy continues through Gary and Owen & Son.

We attribute our success over the years to our faithful customers who have come back year after year to have their watch repaired, clock serviced, or grandfather clock moved from one location to another. You have become more than just customers, you’re our friends.


“Time moves in one direction, memory in another.” – William Gibson

A watch can be more than metal and gears. It can be a memory, an emotion, and a small piece of our hearts. That’s why we treat each piece we handle with care, dignity, and perfectionism. We know a family heirloom can be precious beyond words, and we are honored to restore and care for a piece of your history. When we send a carefully repaired watch, gently corrected clock or meticulously mended piece of jewelry home with you, we’re sending a piece of our history too.

We strongly believe in giving you quality work at a fair price, and we believe in dealing honestly with every customer. We take great care with our work, because we love what we do. We know you’ll love our work too.

Gary, Owner

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Gary has four wonderful children and attends Seacoast Grace Church in Cypress. He was shy as a child, but visiting the shop today you’d never know it. He now loves talking to his customers, hearing their stories, and getting to know them on a personal level. He has always enjoyed tinkering with anything mechanical, including cars and boats. His passion for working with timepieces began at the age of thirteen, and has only continued to grow.

Mark, Horological Technician

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Mark has worked with Owen & Son for over twenty-five years, but more importantly, he’s Gary’s best friend. His experience is vast and includes working as a crew chief of a racecar team, mechanical work in various industries, and drag racing. His wide range of skills give him the ability to work on unique, challenging pieces. For Mark, every clock he repairs is an opportunity to learn.

He takes pride in working for a family owned business, and believes Owen & Son is unique in that they maintain long-term relationships with customers. Mark’s goal is to have every customer leave happy with his work and wanting to come back.

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