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Q: Can I get an estimate before I bring my watch/clock to your shop?


A: It’s difficult to give an accurate estimate of the cost and time required to repair your watch or clock without seeing the piece in person. We can give you a general cost and time line, but until we have the item in our hands, we can’t give a precise estimate. We do not charge for an in-person estimate.


Q: How long will the repairs take?

A: We will give you an approximate completion date when you bring your piece into our shop.  The very nature of antique clock repairs means providing a completion date can be complicated. Here are a few factors that can influence our time line on your project:

– The complexity of your repair or restoration.
– Our perfectionism. If we aren’t satisfied with the results of a repair, we will automatically begin it again. This can take additional time, but we are strongly believe you deserve the best workmanship we can provide.
– Projects currently underway in our shop.
– Large projects which require more time.
– The time of year (for instance during the holiday season).
– Special requirements for your project.

If you have a special requirement, we can usually work around some time constraints. Please call or visit our shop to discuss your requests.


Q: Will it decrease or increase the value of my antique clock?


A: Generally, restoring an item to its original condition will maintain or increase its value. If you have any concerns, we can consult with you about the best course of action for your particular piece.

There are a few instances when we advise against refinishing an item. Certain pieces will cost more to restore than they are worth, while others should remain in an untouched state. As with every item that crosses our doorstep, we will advise you with honesty on how much you should repair or restore on your piece. Oftentimes we do only what is necessary, and no more than that.

Q: Is restoring my antique clock worth it?

A: There are two common reasons for restoring a piece:

1.) It’s irreplaceable. This can be because it holds a happy memory, or because “they just don’t make them like they used to.”

2.) It is (or will be) valuable. In this case, we’re happy to advise you on the ideal level of restoration for your particular piece.

Either way, restoring your antique clock will enhance its value and safeguard an irreplaceable piece for the future.

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